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The members of the Boundary County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to preserving the peace and protecting the public safety of all who reside in, visit or pass through Boundary County.


While the deputies who patrol the county are the most visible members of the team, they are by no means the only members of the Sheriff's staff working to protect and serve; there are dispatchers, detention deputies and administrative staff, all of whom work closely with a number of volunteer community service organizations including Boundary Volunteer Ambulance, Boundary Search and Dive Rescue, and the Hall Mountain, North Bench and Curley Creek Volunteer Fire Departments and South Boundary and Paradise Valley Fire Districts to ensure the safety of everyone in Boundary County, and with multiple other law enforcement agencies, including the Bonners Ferry Police Department, the Idaho State Police, the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Forest Service to enforce local, state and federal laws.


In addition, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for the issuance of Idaho drivers' licenses, for serving summons issued by the court and for maintaining security in the Boundary County Courthouse.


Sheriff's Personnel


Dave Kramer - Sheriff 

Richard Stephens - Undersheriff

R. Goad - Patrol Sergeant

Amanda Tompkins- Administrative   

Caleb Watts - Detective / Marine Deputy

Mike Rosenthal - Civil Processing

Kelly Rekstad - Drivers Licensing








Detention Division

B. Brown - Jail Sergeant

K. Green

R. Pew

J. Ranlett

R. Navarro

T. Brown

R. Hoskin

J. Chase

911 - Communications Division   

L. Ekstrom- Dispatch Supervisor    

M. Krejci

H. Facha

G. Allinger

G. Trumble  

S. Peterson

K. Campbell

J. Espino

Patrol Division

D. Wion 

J. Trujillo    

C. Randall        

D. Schuman                

 A. Schleif

M. Valenzuela

B. Blackmore


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