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Sheriff Inmate Labor Program
(208)267-3151 x 217
Boundary County Landfill 
Boundary County offers the sheriff labor program in lieu of serving jail time WHEN the court sentences you it. 
You MUST tell the prosecuting attorney or the judge if you are not able to do physical work such as lifting, bending or carrying. 
All work is done at the Boundary County Landfill unless otherwise advised. 
All hours MUST be completed by the time that the court has advised you to have it done. NO EXCEPTIONS from this office. 
All fees MUST be paid before the day that the court gives you to have the work complete by. Failure to pay will result in Non-Compliance notice being sent to the judge and a possible warrant issued for contempt of court. 
If you have any questions about the time the court sentences you to or if you need additional time to complete. You MUST ask the court either at the time of your hearing or in writing to the judge of record. This office DOES NOT offer extensions or answer any legal questions regarding your case. 
When signing up for the Sheriff Inmate Labor Program please make sure and read all the rules, sign and date page 1 and fill out all of the information on page 2. 

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