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The basic function of a county jail is to provide safe, secure and constitutional confinement for incarcerated persons. To accomplish these goals, it is necessary to have a well qualified, highly trained staff of detention deputies and to provide them with the equipment necessary to ensure their safety and their ability to properly perform their duties.


A major goal of this department is to provide a work environment for the jail staff that meets the legal statutes and standards as set by the Idaho Sheriff's Association. 


Meeting these legal requirements and standards allows us to provide better treatment and care of inmates. We have the responsibility to see that inmates are allowed the same health care they would receive if they were not incarcerated, that they have a sanitary environment in which to serve their term, nutritious meals, and to allow for visits from family, clergy and legal counsel.


We also provide telephone use, mail privileges, religious meetings, AA meetings and other counseling requested or ordered by the court.  There are many other rights which cannot be denied, and privileges which we allow.


Our major goal is to encourage inmates to attend these group meetings and to have clergy and family members meet with them. With our assistance and help from family, clergy and friends, we hope that they think better of themselves when they are released and that they are able to join society with a new, positive attitude.

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