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Reporting a Crime


Like nearly all law enforcement agencies everywhere, the Boundary County Sheriff's Office relies on the citizens it serves to enforce local, state and federal laws.


If you are the victim of a crime, if you are witness to or have information on a crime that has been committed or if you believe a crime has or is occurring, you are encouraged to notify the Sheriffs Office as soon as possible.  Because Boundary County uses a single dispatch system for all law enforcement and emergency response agencies, any crime occurring anywhere in Boundary County, including the City of Bonners Ferry, should be made to the Sheriff's Office.


If the crime is in progress and lives are or could be endangered, such as domestic disputes, assaults, robberies, drunk driving etc., the report should be treated as an emergency and you should call 911 to report the location of the crime, the type of crime being committed, a description of those involved, any vehicles that may be in use and any other pertinent information that will help sheriffs deputies or other law enforcement agencies take appropriate steps in response to the crime. 


If there is evidence that people may have been injured, this information should be passed along as well, and if a party involved in the crime leaves the scene, their direction of travel could prove helpful.  If you use a cellular phone, do not call 911 as you may reach the Bonner County Sheriffs Department, delaying response time. Instead, call 267-3151, extension 0.


If at all possible, avoid becoming directly involved in trying to avert the crime; under no circumstance should you place yourself in danger of becoming a victim.  Boundary County Sheriff's deputies are highly trained and equipped to handle even the most volatile situations ... and are quick to respond in such situations.  If a crime has occurred and the perpetrators have fled, leaving an injured victim or victims behind; provide whatever comfort you can but be careful not to disturb the crime scene any more than is necessary.  When deputies or emergency responders arrive, please back away and allow them to do their jobs, but remain on the scene to provide information that may help solve the crime; if you were a witness to the crime, let a deputy know, but do not interfere with the duties they may have to perform before they are able to take your statement.


If you have information on a crime that does not pose a threat to human lives, if you discover that a crime against property has been committed against you or a neighbor, the report should be filed immediately, but should not be deemed an emergency; call (208) 267-3151, extension 0, to make such reports.  Again, the more details you are able to provide the better chance deputies have of apprehending the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.


Dependent on the nature of the crime, those who make reports may be called upon to provide witness statements and could be called as witnesses should those who committed the crime be brought to trial.  While many witnesses are reluctant to "get involved," please remember that crime affects each member of our community, and that turning a blind eye fosters criminal activity.  The Boundary County Sheriffs Office strongly supports the Community Watch program, because it is well known that neighbors watching out for neighbors is a strong deterrent to those who would commit crime.



Reporting a Past Tense Accident


If you are reporting a past tense accident that occurred on a county road, the following form can be filled out and turned into the Sheriff's Office. 




If the accident occurred on Hwy 95 or Hwy 2 please make your report to

Idaho State Police


ISP Dispatch




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