Visiting hours at the Boundary County Detention Facility are:


6:30 to 8:30 p.m. each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Special visits will be made only with the consent of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or Detention Sergeant.


  • Identification will be requested.

  • No one under 18 years of age may visit an inmate unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

  • No weapons, glass or metal containers, cameras, cell phones or purses of any kind are allowed in the Boundary County Jail.


When checking in, visitors must use their full names and present identification.

No one using an alias will be admitted.


Prisoners are allowed no more than three visitors on each visiting day, with 20 minutes allowed per visit.


Visits outside normal visiting hours must be arranged with the detention deputy on duty.


Visitation may be cancelled at any time and without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.


Inmates at the jail may not receive personal items from those who visit as all their basic needs are provided for by the Sheriff's Office.


Visitors who attempt to violate this rule are subject to prosecution under the provisions of Idaho Criminal Code 20-627.


Visitors may, however, deposit funds with the detention deputy on duty that the inmate may use to buy items from the jail commissary. 


Detention deputies do not deliver personal messages to inmates or answer personal questions regarding inmates.  They also have the right to refuse any visitor who appears to be intoxicated or who is acting in an obnoxious manner.


Mail for inmates incarcerated in the Boundary County Jail MUST include the inmates' FIRST AND LAST NAME and be addressed to Boundary County Jail, P.O. Box 127, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805, and must have a valid return address as well as the FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME of the sender.


Any mail received not appropriately addressed will either be returned to the sender or placed in the inmates' property, to be provided the inmate upon release.